Diablo 2 Trade

D2Trader is the fastest growing trading site for Diablo 2 Resurrected. List your d2 tradable items with zero effort. Search and filter d2r trades by item name or stats.

  • Add an item from a screenshot
  • Export trades to text
  • Powerful search
  • No registration
  • Mobile friendly
D2R Trading

Price Check

The d2r price checker will give you a rough price estimation for a given tradable item. The data is not static and will change depending on the market trends.


Item Database

In the item catalog, you can search and filter all diablo 2 items - uniques, sets, runewords, bases, jewels, charms, keys, and others. Here you will also find all horadric cube recipes and magic item affixes.


Windows App

The app allows you to automatically upload screenshots of d2 items while playing the game. Once uploaded, the system will recognize the item and fill in its stats.