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How much is Chaos worth?

The price of Chaos is 5x Ist Runes. In d2jsp forum gold = 60 fg 
High-end Chaos value is around 5x Ist Runes - 5x Ist Runes. In d2jsp forum gold = 60 - 75 fg 
Perfect Chaos is worth at least 5x Ist Runes. In d2jsp forum gold = 75 fg 

Item Quality to Price Histogram

The chart below shows how the quality of the item changes the price.

Chaos price histogram
Chaos price histogram
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Item Information

Fal · Ohm · Um
9% Chance To Cast Level 11 Frozen Orb On Striking
11% Chance To Cast Level 9 Charged Bolt On Striking
+35% Increased Attack Speed
+(290 - 340)% Enhanced Damage
Adds 216-471 Magic Damage
+25% Chance of Open Wounds
+1 To Whirlwind
+10 To Strength
+15 Life After Each Demon Kill
Socketed (3)