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How much is Arcanna's Deathwand worth?

The actual price of Arcanna's Deathwand is unknown due to low trade volume for that item. Low trade volume sometimes indicates that the item is not worth much.

Item Information

Arcanna's DeathwandArcanna's DeathwandWar Staff
Two-Hand Damage: 12 to 28
Durability: 50 of 50
Required Level: 15
Increased Melee Range: 1
Base Attack Speed: 20
+1 to Sorceress Skill Levels
+25% Deadly Strike
+50% Damage to Undead
Regenerate Mana 5% (3 Items)
+50 to Mana (2 Items)
Arcanna's TricksPartial Set Bonus
+50 to Mana (2 Items)
+50 to Life (3 Items)
Complete Set Bonus
+1 to All Skills
+20% Faster Cast Rate
5% Mana stolen per hit
+75 to Mana
+50 to Life
Regenerate Mana 12%
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