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How much is Natalya's Mark worth?

The price of Natalya's Mark is Hel Rune. In d2jsp forum gold = 1 fg 
High-end Natalya's Mark value is around Hel Rune - Pul Rune. In d2jsp forum gold = 1 - 3 fg 
Perfect Natalya's Mark is worth at least Pul Rune. In d2jsp forum gold = 3 fg 

Item Quality to Price Histogram

The chart below shows how the quality of the item changes the price.

Natalya's Mark price histogram
Natalya's Mark price histogram
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Item Information

Natalya's MarkNatalya's MarkScissors Suwayyah
One-Hand Damage: 120 to 153
Durability: 68 of 68
(Assassin Only)
Required Dexterity: 118
Required Strength: 118
Required Level: 79
Increased Melee Range: 1
Base Attack Speed: 0
+200% Enhanced Damage
+200% Damage to Undead
+200% Damage to Demons
Adds 12-17 Fire Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+50 Cold Damage
Natalya's OdiumPartial Set Bonus
Magic Damage Reduced by 15 (2 Items)
+200 Defense (3 Items)
Complete Set Bonus
+3 to Assassin Skill Levels
14% Mana stolen per hit
14% Life stolen per hit
+350 Defense
Cold Resist +50%
Lightning Resist +50%
Fire Resist +50%
Poison Resist +70%
Damage Reduced by 30%
Magic Damage Reduced by 15
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