Nef Rune

Nef Rune is a low rune used in the runewords Nadir, Smoke, Myth, Black, Melody, Radiance, Flickering Flame, Obsession.
The Nef Rune can also be used as ingredient for 6 different Horadric Cube recipes.
Nef Rune like any other Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R) Rune can be used to enhance a Socketed Item with new magical properties.
If socketed in Weapon the item will gain Knockback. When socketed in Armor, Helm, Shield it will get +30 Defense Vs. Missile.

Nef RuneNef Rune
Required Level: 13
Weapons: Knockback
Armors: +30 Defense Vs. Missile
Helms: +30 Defense Vs. Missile
Shields: +30 Defense Vs. Missile
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How to obtain Nef Rune

The fastest way to get this rune on Battle.net is via trading, you can use the Item Price Checker to see how much Nef Rune is worth.
Farming this rune by killing monsters is possible, check the drop rate table below for more information.
Another way to get it is via a horadric cube recipe that transmutes Tir runes into Nef Rune.
Also, there's a chance this rune to drop from Hell's Forge Quest in Act 4 on all difficulties.

Runewords with Nef Rune

There are 8 runewords that can be made with Nef Rune. You can also browse these Runewords in the Item Database.

Nef · Tir
Barbarian Helms, Circlets, Druid Pelts, Helms
Nef · Lum
Body Armors
Hel · Amn · Nef
Body Armors
Thul · Io · Nef
Clubs, Hammers, Maces
Shael · Ko · Nef
Amazon Bows, Bows, Crossbows
Nef · Sol · Ith
Barbarian Helms, Circlets, Druid Pelts, Helms
Flickering Flame
Nef · Pul · Vex
Barbarian Helms, Circlets, Druid Pelts, Helms
Zod · Ist · Lem · Lum · Io · Nef

Horadric Cube Recipes with Nef Rune

There are 6 recipes that are related to Nef Rune. You can also see these Recipes in the Item Database.

Create Nef Rune
3x Tir Rune
Create Eth Rune
3x Nef Rune
Craft Blood Gloves
Jewel + Perfect Ruby + Nef Rune + Magic Heavy Gloves/Sharkskin Gloves/Vampirebone Gloves
Craft Caster Helm
Jewel + Perfect Amethyst + Nef Rune + Magic Mask/Death Mask/Demonhead Mask
Craft Safety Shield
Jewel + Perfect Emerald + Nef Rune + Magic Kite Shield/Dragon Shield/Monarch
Craft Hit Power Body Armor
Jewel + Perfect Sapphire + Nef Rune + Magic Field Plate/Sharktooth Armor/Kraken Shell

Nef Rune drop rate table

The monster with the highest drop chance of dropping Nef Rune is The Countess on Normal difficulty in Tower Cellar Level 5 of Act 1. Farming the monsters listed below gives you the highest chance of getting that rune.