Gheed's Fortune

Gheed's Fortune is a Unique Grand Charm in Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R). This Charm has a quality level of 70. This item should be kept in the inventory to gain bonuses. There are 3 important benefits coming from Gheed's Fortune:
  • Gambling items will be cheaper due to the provided discount.
  • The magic-find boost will increase the chance of getting better loot.
  • The slain monsters it will reward you with more gold.
This is the only Unique item in the game that has Reduces All Vendor Prices X% attribute.
Gheed's FortuneGheed's FortuneGrand Charm
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 62
(80 - 160)% Extra Gold from Monsters
(20 - 40)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Reduces All Vendor Prices (10 - 15)%
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How to obtain Gheed's Fortune

The fastest way to get this item on Battle.net is via trading, you can use the Item Price Checker to see how much Gheed's Fortune is worth.
Farming it by killing monsters is possible, check the drop rate table below for more information.

Gheed's Fortune drop rate table

The monster with the highest drop chance of dropping Gheed's Fortune is Andariel on Hell difficulty in Catacombs Level 4 of Act 1. Farming the monsters listed below gives you the highest chance of finding that item.